#StayAtHomeChallenge Ep. 2 |How To Take Indoor Pictures Of Yourself

When life throws you a challenge like a total lockdown, you get creative or you stay at home, super bored!

Hi guys. I am back with another #StayAtHomeChallenge and this time around, it is a tutorial. It’s no news that I love photography alot and would love to pursue a career in it but in the mean time, I’m sticking to mobile photography.

Today’s post has been in my drafts for weeks and for some weird reasons, I couldn’t think of an introductory paragraph for it so please guys, bear with me as you read. Without further ado, kindly scroll down to jump right into the tutorial.

Things you need:

A smart phone

Obviously! Any smart phone would do just fine just make sure to clean the lens of your camera before you start shooting.

A support

This can either be a tripod or a DIY tripod from books, boxes, cups, etc. Make sure that whatever it is you are using to support your phone keeps it from falling. We don’t want any screen breaking.


This is optional for those of you that have fine walls in your homes. However, if you don’t, try getting creative by using any cloth or sheets of your choice, newspapers, magazines or wood [I think I’m going to try this soon].

Tips to taking pictures of yourself at home:

1. Check the internet for INSPIRATION. This includes checking for outfit inspiration, poses and even the kind of mood you want to portray.

2. Pay attention to the LIGHTING in your room. This tip is very essential. Make sure that the room where you want to take your pictures has good lighting. You can also try taking your pictures directly in front of a window.

3. Before setting your camera against the support, use the SELF TIMER. This would help provide time for you to perfect your poses.

4. Use the BACK CAMERA. It is said that the back camera has more quality than the front camera although I prefer the latter. It makes me see the way I’m positioned in front of the camera. Just go with whatever works seriously – as long as your camera’s quality is okay.

5. Get CREATIVE. No one is saying you shouldn’t use other creatives’ works as inspiration or guideline but try not to copy everything they have done in their work to avoid getting dragged on social media. Also, try making use of props [flowers, books, drinks] to give more meaning and life to your photos.

6. Lastly, ENJOY yourself while taking your photos and remember, perfectionism is the enemy of progress!

Thank you for reading this blog post till the end. If you find the above tips useful, do let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to share wth your friends. Thank you.